About the Club

In 2015 Starters Sports Training started with the simple goal of organizing and providing the tools and information to put our players in the best position to succeed and develop.  In doing so, we've create an educational and competitive environment where our players have the opportunity to trust themselves and their abilities by doing their best and accepting the challenges the game presents.

Starters Sports Training provides a training environment for athletes to develop and challenge themselves in their pursuit of playing high school, college, and professional baseball.  Starters Sports Training is anchored by its expert coaching staff with years of playing and coaching experience.  Our goal is to provide the most complete individualized and small group instruction available in the state.

Our clubs mission is to prepare student-athletes to become leaders and champions in life by placing the highest values on integrity, character, sportsmanship, and victory.

As coaches, we want to maximize our player’s talents, abilities, and sense of one’s self.  We want to ensure that the effort on the field is a championship effort, win or lose.  We want to instill and support a work ethic that will follow our baseball players well after their high school years.  We will stress the importance of fundamental baseball and teach our players how to be competitive on an inning by inning basis.