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Starters ACE Program

• ACE is 100% pitching
• Pitch evaluation from video and Rapsodo
• Extensive individual mechanical work off a mound
• Designed for pitchers looking to take their game to the next level
• Covers both the physical and mental aspects of the game
• Daily lecture covers a variety of topics to increase “Pitcher’s IQ”
• Includes second night each week of Pitching Development (PDP)

ACE is a unique and dynamic pitching experience for pitchers looking to take their game to the next level.  Set up as a small group environment, it is designed to challenge pitchers both physically and mentally.  The program will solidify mechanics, refine pitches and foremost, educate.  ACE entails extensive mechanical work.  Time will be spent on fast ball command, establishing a change-up and laying the foundation for using a third pitch.  Other work will include establishing a pre and in-game routine, swing recognition, pick-offs, pitch selection, pitch sequences, etc. 

Be prepared for homework and to be tested. Educating pitchers is a priority of Starters and Brower Baseball.  ACE will improve a pitcher's "Pitching IQ"... the foundation every pitcher’s mental game is built upon.  When on the mound in a game situation, a pitcher must rely on instinct to make quality decisions under pressure.  ACE students will gain a better understanding of the game and themselves as pitchers.  Over time this base of knowledge will become second nature in a game setting.  Learning the "art of pitching" gives pitchers the ability to slow the game down, access that knowledge automatically, know and trust one's mechanics and make pitch to pitch adjustments which is what propels a pitcher to the next level.  It’s a game changer. 

"I don’t want you to just do what I say, I want you to understand why you are doing it... then apply it and repeat it."  -Coach Brower

*The ACE program includes a second night each week in the Pitching Development Program (PDP). Arm strength is vital for health and success on the mound. Players will learn an arm conditioning routine and Coach Brower’s “Ground Release” mechanical progression. The PDP also gives players the throwing repetitions needed to prepare their arms for the upcoming season. Click HERE for a more detailed description of what the PDP will entail.

Program Details:

Lincoln  Hochmuth

Lincoln Hochmuth

Pitching Coordinator

Phone: 507-301-4499

Neal  Kunik

Neal Kunik

Pitching Coordinator

Phone: 952-233-7378