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2019-20 High Performance Hitting Program

The Starters High Performance Hitting Program is a 4 month program for committed players.  The Advanced Hitting Program is a comprehensive program utilizing today's cutting-edge technology, individual skill development, and personal development. 

The program will utilize technologies such as the Hit Trax, Rapsodo, Blast Motio, Game Sense,  Right View Pro, and High Speed Video to provide athletes with data driven feedback to help better individualize each hitters focus on a session by session basis. We will work with players to help them understand their body movements and ways to better control them while being an athlete. Although data is great, the sustainability comes from teaching each player to find the right position to put themselves in to allow their bio-metric sequencing to be completed at the highest level of efficiency. The program runs from November to the start of the high school season.

Hitting Program is Sold Out

Program Details

  • 2x Week Hitting
  • Program run by Starters Full-Time Staff
  • 1:1 player assessments 
  • 1:1 player/parent meetings 
  • Video Analysis & Visual Training
  • HitTrax & Rapsodo data collection
  • Game Sense Vision Training
  • Facility Access
Ryan Schwertman

Ryan Schwertman

General Manager

Phone: 952-212-7283